Arçim Inc. We serve our Nigde as a long history and experience in the area of ​​7500 m2 in the Organized Industrial Zone. Since 1970, the cement sector is actively in the process of 38 years experience within the state where sahibiz.çimento domestic factories Although 10 years, 10 years, including a total of 20 years of service abroad We have not. In the private sector as we have established at the beginning of the 90s the maintenance of cement factories in our company, repair and leading the industry by moving up the date of our 18 years of success with our work on the revision jobs, and we are progressing towards becoming a sought-after company. Issues which we operate mainly in the sector; rotary kiln shell imalatlat The ring assembly and disassembly of the clinker cooling the assembly and mounting, grinding mills, mirror trunnion in assembly and installation, crusher, rod assembly and disassembly, cement mills Symetro gear assembly and disassembly, rotary kiln adjustment works, air strips, augers, elevators, cooling chassis (lug connection) is manufacturing, mantle, the latest equipment in the ring merger and we are working with a specialist technical staff. Cutting the mantle made with automatic cutting machines and we have been applying the ultrasound source. We are continuing our 38 years of experience has been brought to our success in this field in the regulating hot and cold OVEN unit in the cement industry by the regulating our qualified and experienced team. ARC Inc. as develops we are constantly itself, open to innovation, vision, experience of relying on deep-rooted history and within the remit expert staff, from our customers, we continue to progress confidently in the industries we serve with positive support.